Blade ZipKit - Tomcat Deploy binaries - Linux

Version 4
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    Blade ZipKit Package Info
    Name: DeployBinaries-Linux
    Type: BLPackage
    BSA Compatible Version: 8.5.x
    Version: 1.0
    More Info: Apache Tomcat Server

    Created by: Fred Breton

    This package is to deploy the tomcat binaries to a Linux OS. It doesn't create or start any Tomcat instance. To do so, you then need to use package CreateInstance-Linux.

    The package has been tested on RedHat but may work on other Unix flavor with few modifications

    Instruction fro importing the package:

    1. Click on the link to download the ZipKit
    2. Extract the content to a location accessible by the BSA Console
    3. Download Tomcat tar.gz core from Apache Tomcat - Welcome! (example: apache-tomcat-7.0.54.tar.gz) and copy it in the package folder DeployBinaries-Linux/files/blpackages/ba56aea9-358b-4077-8cd5-9f418fee034c/89.1 renaming the file to apache-tomcat.tar.gz
    4. From the BSA Console, select in the Depot the folder in which you want to import the package, right-click and select Import
    5. Browse to the local folder to select the package folder that is DeployBinaries-Linux, click Next.
    6. Click Next twice
    7. Click Finish

    The package can be parameterized with the following properties:

    • TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR: Installation path where tomcat binaries will be installed (default value: /opt/tomcat7)
    • TOMCAT_GID: Group id of system group tomcat that will be created (default value: 501)

    On top of binary deployment, the package will also create a folder $TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/instances with full right for tomcat group. This folder can be use as root for instance folders of tomcat instance that can be created using CreateInstance-Linux.



    *Note: This is a community supported package