Blade ZipKit - Local Certificate Expiration - Windows

Version 3

    Blade ZipKit Package Info
    Name: Local Certificate Expiration - Windows
    Type: Component Template
    Version: 1.0
    More Info:
    Created By: Daniel Goetzman
    Tested on Version: 8.3 SP3 - Exported Version Neutral
    Tested Against: Windows 2003, 2008, 2012


    This ZipKit contains a Component Template that can be used to create a Compliance Job to detect LOCAL certificates on Windows servers that will expire in 30 days.

    Once you have imported the Component Template, you will need to create both the Discovery Jobs to initially discover and create this component to your servers. And then the Compliance Job to use to measure compliance and detect targets with certificates that expire in 30 days.

    Instructions for importing the package:

    1. Download the attached zip file.
    2. Extract the content to a location accessible by the BSA Console
    3. From the BSA Console, select Component Templates, right-click and select Import
    4. Browse to the location of the un-zipped folder
    5. Check the box for "Automatically map or create export group"
    6. Click Next twice
    7. Select a location where to place this new package in BSA (default will keep structure of the package as it was exported)
    8. Click Finish
    9. Create Discovery Job and run to create components on target servers
    10. Create Component Smart Group to use as targets to Compliance Job
    11. Create Compliance Job and run against Component Smart Group to detect servers with certificates set to expire within 30 days!