BMC Academy vs iLearn - what is the difference?

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    Learning, education, and training are all different terms used around BMC - with our customers, employees and partners.  I wanted to clarify the difference between iLearn and BMC Academy.


    First, let me explain that iLearn and BMC Academy are hosted on the same application, called Cornerstone OnDemand but that is where the similarity ends.


    BMC Academy is BMC Education Services learning management system.  BMC Academy is customer facing and provides the library to our entire fee-based training in numerous product specific learning paths.  BMC Academy also has information skills assessments and certification/accreditation.  By the way, skills assessments are complimentary and test your knowledge in admin, implementation, configuration, and using.  It is a great way to get a baseline of your knowledge in a particular product area.  Log in to BMC Academy and search on skills assessments to register.


    iLearn is for employees and partners.  iLearn includes BMC Education Services training (from BMC Academy) and also, enablement training for the sales and technical teams of BMC and our partners.


    Below is a visual example of the difference looks between the two welcome pages -


    Here is the welcome page for BMC Academy -




    Here is a sample of iLearn -