BPPM 9.5: When to use CMA Policies vs. PCM Rules and PATROL

Version 2
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    This Webinar, delivered on June 10, 2014, covers best practices for When to use CMA Policies vs. PCM Rules and PATROL with BPPM 9.5. The information in this Webinar will help you determine when to use Policies as compared to PCM Rules and Patrol, based on the architecture and environment, to help run your business successfully with BPPM 9.5. Also provided are some general recommendations we suggest to follow, and guidance for successfully using the subject matter with our BMC BPPM 9.5 monitoring solution.


    Material covered includes:


    • Prerequisites
    • Benefits & Limitations of Policies
    • Deciding a Configuration Methodology
    • Scenarios requiring non-Policy Configuration
    • Agent Rule Structures
    • Key Agent Configuration Rules
    • Policy Based Considerations
    • Non-Policy Based Considerations
    • When to use PATROL Consoles

    Make sure to check out the rest of the series and the documentation covered in the presentations. Please see below for the video recording (mp4) and presentation (pdf). This is a link to the Best Practices documentation and the Q&A for the session will be posted in this same location later as FAQs.

    • BPPM 9.5 Webinar Series CMA Policies vs. PCM Rules and PATROL-20140610 1505-1.mp4 (recording)
    • BPPM 9.5 CMA Policies vs. PCM Rules and PATROL presentation.pdf (presentation)