How to create a Report with underutilized systems

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    The following example explains how to find under-utilized servers in a Domain, and how to create a report that contains analysis of CPU & MEM utilization of those systems.

    Note: this article applies to BCO 9.5.1


    Step 1: Create a rule that "marks" under-utilized servers


    - Open Admin>Resource Monitor>Rules>Add new rule and select "Custom resource monitor rule"



    In the rule, specify "data vs threshold", select CPU_UTIL as metric and "less than 10%" as condition. The picture above does not show it, but in "Filters" tab you can select "last 7 days" as time filter, hence this average CPU_UTIL will be evaluated over last 7 days. You could also specify additional conditions, for example on MEM_UTIL or other, but for now let's keep it simple.

    Note that I can set Severity = WARNING that means that servers matching this rule will be marked as "warning" status (for the rule). It could also be less strict and specify "efficiency (low)" as severity, to mean that this rule is just identifying efficiency opportunities.

    The result of this marking is visible in the Workspace, on the Domain page, Alert tab. This screenshot here shows how a system would appear if the condition is warning or efficiency (low).


    Step 2: Create an Entity filter using the rule


    Now it is possible to create an Entity filter that uses the rule to limit the set of selected systems. In this example, we are using "search=*" to catch all servers, but you could also restrict by type (for example only Hosts or Virtual Machines). The filter applies to container domain (which means the scope will depend on the Domain where this filter is used) and is including only entities in severity=warning for the rule "Under-utilized systems".



    Step 3: Create a Report


    Last thing to do is to create a Report in the interested Domain. Please note that everything we have done up to now is not domain-specific, so the rule is marking servers in any Domain and the Entity filter can be re-used in any domain.

    In this example, we have created a Basic Report that contains an Analysis of type "Summary table" with CPU and MEM utilization metrics. The Basic report uses the Entity filter created above.

    Here's a screenshot of the report in PDF format.