ARS 7.6.04 With Atrium SSO 8.1 & SAMLV2

Version 2
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    Here I have for all to refer Integration document for ARS 7.6.04 SP3 with Atrium SSO 8.1& SAMLV2.

    May be some of the steps wont work for you, as I have prepared this document what I followed to make this integration working.


    Product Versions (All installed on Windows 2008 R2):

    ARS 7.6.04 SP3

    MidTier 8.1


    Atrium SSO 8.1 & SAMLV2


    Both Atrium SSO and MidTier configured on the same machine.

    In the attached document I have included all the reference documents which I referred, just to make this document more helpful.


    Feel free to share your feedback.