Entry Inspector - View, Modify, Export & Delete Data Quickly

Version 14
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    Introducing Entry Inspector


    Entry Inspector is a Java based utility developed to leverage the power of the BMC Remedy Java API to give you back some control & finesse over your Remedy data.


    In summary, Entry Inspector is a utility that puts the power to manipulate, explore, export & delete data from any BMC Remedy system quickly and accurately all wrapped into a simple to use interface.  It is meant as a productivity tool for Administrators, Developers and Consultants.  It’s purpose is not to bring back the full BMC Remedy User Tool experience however it attempts to rectify certain gaps left by it’s departure.


    Specifically, at a high level, here is a list of the capabilities provided:


    • The ability to Query and display data from any form, including fields that normally are hidden
      • No more filtering through logs or un-hiding fields to see what data is hiding unseen
    • The ability to Modify single or bulk entries extremely quickly
      • No more relying upon slow ModifyAll or Escalations to fix data in bulk
    • The ability to Export single, selected or all entries within a Remedy form, in both ARX and CSV format
      • No more having to build reports
    • The ability to Delete single, selected or all entries within a Remedy form extremely quickly
      • No more having to overlay your system to delete the odd entry


    I have a more detailed write up as well as feature walk on my site, it can be directly reached from the following link (the software download and purchase links are there as well):




    I would love feedback on this tool and have provided a fully functional evaluation version that can be downloaded where the only restriction is that it will limit all actions to a maximum of 20 entries and a nag label will be present on the main interface.  For those who decide to purchase the full version, I will strive to get your license keys as quickly as I can which will remove the nag screen and limitations imposed to truly have the power of this tool unleashed.


    I will also provide a full un-restricted 30 day trial-license to those who ask for it to fully evaluate the tool.  Simply email me at support@soleauthority.net and ask for an evaluation license.  Please make sure to provide your full name, email address and the name of your company so that I can generate you a trial license that will remove the 20 entry limit for 30 days.


    I will continue to add new capabilities into this tool that makes sense and those who purchase a license will benefit from that at no additional cost.


    Below is a teaser screenshot of the main interface:


    2.5 Release Notes:

    • Improved install to allow setting of java path and properties
    • Added server specific preferences that can set default behaviours and defaults
    • Added a Recent Searches menu that will record the last 10 searches against the current form for quick recall without having to save the search
    • Added ability to search / recall searches
    • Added the Ctrl-S short-cut for saving to preferences, create, modify and profiles screen as well as many other keyboard shortcuts
    • Fixed date/time localisation issues
    • Initialisation of interface after selecting a form (especially one with many views) is significantly faster
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for common actions
    • Added the ability to copy contents from a cell rather then simply copying the whole row
    • Added the ability to remember the last server you logged into and will always default to that one on next launch of the tool
    • Sorted the Manage Profiles screen alphabetically by Profile Name
    • Increased the Delete action performance considerably by switching from a fixed 20 thread pool to a Cached Thread Pool so it’ll delete as fast as your client and the server can handle on it’s current queue
    • Increased the Modify/Modify all performance considerably
    • Fix a weird bug that sometimes caused Entry Inspector to fail to display Request ID for join forms (e.g. like those used in Asset Management applications, i.e. AST:ComputerSystem)
    • Fixed arx export whitespace bug
    • Many more improvements and bug fixes accumulated over this past year

    2.1 Release Notes:

    • Added ability to do Create and Service actions against Display-Only Forms
    • Changed the field selection drop-downs to support auto-completion
    • Managing columns pop-up will allow for multiple actions now
    • Replaced existing login managers backend with an embedded database


    2.0 Release Notes:

    • Added selected row counter to allow for knowing how many you have selected without having to drill into a specific function for a count
    • Added SERVICE as an action type in the Modify/ModifyALL functions that will trigger Service workflow
    • Changed Display, Modify & ModifyAll function windows from jDialog to JPanel so that they can be maximized/resized as needed
    • Fixed Replace function not being used when Action Type MERGE was selected (it was appending instead)
    • Added new Create entry capabilities, you can do a standard create or a merge create against any data form
    • Added Copy To New capability, you can do a standard create or a merge create based upon the selected entry that will pre-populate
    • Added support for properly expanding Keywords (e.g. $USER$) for modify/modifyAll/create operations
    • Added ability to set specific Merge options rather then always using defaults
    • Increased performance of ARX/CSV exports by roughly ~30-40% and lowered memory consumption by about 50% during exports
    • Added ability to 'append' ARX data rather than just overwriting every-time
    • Added a new Utility section on main interface and include an Execute SQL utility
    • Added a new Utility section on main interface and include an Execute Process utility
    • Added a new Utility section on main interface and include a Manage Attachments utility
    • Added a new Utility section on main interface and include a Manage Diaries utility


    1.4 Release Notes:

    • Added better error handling for Delete action, will now report errors instead of silently failing and refresh table after completing
    • Add the ability on the modify screen to ‘Replace’, if replace is selected in the fields modify box, insert a regex expression, e.g. “ABC, “123″ to replace ABC with 123
    • Added the ability to pop-out the ‘current value’ in modify window in read-only mode while still allowing edit mode on ‘new value’ column
    • Added auto-sizing for results list table so that few columns will auto-grow to the available space, when more columns come in, once the min size it hit, add horizontal scroll bar
    • Fixed issue where re-logging in / switching servers would throw an ARError successful or not
    • Added the ability to manage login profiles from the login screen.  Login profiles are saved into the profiles.xml file if any manual manipulation / corrections are required
    • Changed behavior of Delete and ModifyAll threading to used a fixed thread pool of 20 instead of an unlimited pool, uses less memory and avoids crashes in lower memory machines

    1.3 Release Notes:

    • Added ability to see/set Display-Only fields in Modify/ModifyAll window
    • Added ability to “Add all visible fields in the selected view”
    • Added ability to export only the fields displayed within the results table rather then always all fields
    • Switch to non-modal windows for Display, Modify & ModifyAll windows to allow for having multiple ones open
    • Added count to the delete window so that you know how many selected items you have before deleting
    • Added ability to select form name by MouseClick in addition to the normal enter key
    • Added Total Entries for form display when form is selected so you know how big your form is prior to any searches being performed
    • Minor polish and updates to the user interface


    1.2 Release Notes:

    • Updated the Limit Results spinner to only allow valid values (1-999999998)
    • Added a new "Display" action which will open the request in a read-only window similar to the Modify / Modify All window
      • This is now the default double-click action rather then the Modify / Modify All action
      • You can open multiple "Display" windows against different entries if you wish to compare different entries
      • This replaces the old "Display Entry" section that previously was below the results table
    • Added additional informational columns to the Display, Modify & Modify All windows, the following columns now show:
      • Field ID, Field Type, Entry Mode, Field Name, Field Label (based upon the view you have selected in the main interface), Current Value and New Value (depending on the type of window you are in)
    • Corrected issues introduced in version 1.1 related to the Modify and ModifyAll actions as a side effect of adding the additional informational columns

    1.1 Release Notes:

    • Fixed an issue with the ARX file generation that was causing ARX's that were exported from this tool to not parse with BMC Import Tool properly
    • Double-click behavior for selection in the results table has been updated to launch the modify window instead of displaying the entry in the text area below.  If you have multiple entries selected, so long as you are still holding shift key when you double-click, the modifyAll window will be presented.
    • In Modify & ModifyAll windows, added additional informational columns regarding the field which includes the Field Type & Entry Mode of the field.
    • Now when hitting the "Add All" button, which will add all available columns to the results table, it will automatically refresh the search to populate those columns rather then relying on the user to manually refresh.
    • Incremented the non-licensed evaluation mode to have a limit of 20 instead of 5 per feedback from multiple individuals thus far on the limit of 5.  Hopefully this will make the tool easier to evaluate
      • I have also added the concept of time based evaluation licenses so users can experience the full potential of this tool with no restriction for a period of 30 days.  Simply request an evaluation key by emailing support@soleauthority.net and asking for one, please remember to include your full name, email address and company name so that I can generate you a proper eval key.

    1.0 Release Notes:

    • Due to an apparent bug in the Java API, when you are selecting non-English views to assist in the query builder, the qualifications will not parse properly and throw errors.  Until this is resolved, please limit actions to English only view locales.  Once this is corrected, I a new version will be released with hopefully better overall multi-lingual support through-out the rest of the application which is currently English-Only.
    • Due to a confirmed BMC Defect as it relates to the Java API (SW00467684), when you are using the query builder and your view contains field labels that are the same but have a different special character at the end, the qualification will fail to parse.  Example: If a form view contains the following fields 'Assignee*' and 'Assignee+', any query that leverages either will fail as the special characters I assume both get flattened to the underscore (_) character I assume which makes them no longer unique.
    • While Java 1.6+ is the recommendation (both 32-bit and 64-bit supported), I would strongly recommend using a 64-bit version as for large exports the memory consumed can rise above the limit of a 32-bit process on large forms (e.g. CHG:Infrastructure Change).  If you find the tool completely stalls or doesn't not seem to be running well, try using the latest version of Java 1.7 64-bit which is confirmed to run this utility at it's best and fastest.