Advanced Remedy Log Analyzer -

Version 3
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    Hello Remedy Folks,


    My name is Anandsagar Sah, and this is regarding new product that has been launched through ARSKit.


    (renamed from remedyloganalyzer[dot]com) offer supporting products for BMC ARS Remedy based applications, useful for remedy developers/administrators/support agents. Remedy Log Analyzer is the first product and has been enhanced to provide various option to deal with remedy logs.



    Following are features of ARSKit Remedy log Analyzer :-

    Capture Remedy Logs “easily”

    Manipulate logs for better analysis (split, combine, extract)

    Convert Remedy logs into different format for better workflow analysis

    oColourful representation

    oEasy understanding of flow with execution period

    oEagle view of execution

    oEasy navigation

    oEasy debugging

    Generate Performance Report

    oAPI Walk through for functional performance analysis

    oAPI, Filter and SQL detail report

    oTable detail for overall usages of database table

    oUser/Client detail for overall system resources utilization

    oThread Statistics

    Easy sharing of Remedy workflow/performance analysis result

    Maintain history of analysis result into your online account


    If this seems interesting, please visit the site, check out demo reports and start uploading your remedy application logs. Please contact us for any suggestions or if you face any issue or would like to provide any feedback.



    Thanks & Regards,