Logging the Transactions log during a BlPackage or Software Deploy Job

Version 1

    I have often been asked how to track what is happening on a server when Bladelogic is executing a BlPackage Deploy job or a Software Deploy job.

    So... I thought that I would write myself a network shell "function" to assist me in the tracking of the Transactions log that is created when either type of deploy job is executing against a server. The result is the (attached) 'translog' file.


    To make use of this file, use the following steps:


    1. Launch a NSH session.
    2. In the NSH, issue the following command:
      .  //server/path_to_translog_file

    Where the line must start with a dot/period character (on its own) and the pathname if the absolute pathname to the location of the 'translog' file. This will load the contents of the file into your current shell environment as a "function".


    To use the function, do the following


    1. Start a deployment job and target a server.
    2. Issue the following command:
      translog   servername


    Where servername is the name of the server being used as the target for the job.


    You should now start to see the contents of the Transactions log being displayed in your NSH session.


    Because the function makes use of the 'tail -f' command, you will have to terminate the function by issuing a Control-C (Ctrl+C) to end the tail operation once the deployment has completed.


    The function will always find the most recent Transactions log file, so be sure to use it when you know that there is only one deployment being made to that target server.


    I hope you find this useful.