Network Capacity Management with BCO and BCO add-ons provided by Moviri

Version 2
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    Webinar: "Network Capacity Management with BCO".

    Date: May 13th 2014




    Material covered includes:


    This session in the series will illustrate how you can use BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO) to manage the capacity of your network.


    Learn how to:

    • Leverage the BCO add-on “Moviri integration for BMC Capacity Optimization” to integrate data from network management tools such as Entuity and others.
    • Use this data in BCO to manage the capacity of your network bandwidth, devices, and usage by application.




    Make sure to check out the rest of the series and the how-to videos and documentation covered in the slides.

    Please see below for video recording (mp4), Presentation (pdf), and Q&A (pdf) from the webinar