Blade ZipKit -  Agent Health Status - Root Cause Check

Version 2

    Blade ZipKit Package Info
    Name: Agent Health Status - Root Cause Check
    Type: NSH Type 2 Script
    BSA Compatible Version: 8.3.x
    Version: 1.0
    More Info:
    Created By: Daniel Goetzman
    Tested version on: on Red Hat Linux x86_64 app server
    Tested against host running: Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Red Hat Linux 5.x, Red Hat 6.x


    This ZipKit contains a NSH type 2 script that attempts to analyze the root cause for servers that have AGENT_STATE=Agent is not responding


    The script uses the following sequence to determine root cause and update Server Property AGENT_STATUS_CAUSE;


    • Check if defined in DNS (using Linux "host" command)
    • Ping server to see if available
    • Use nmap to verify if the RSCD agent port is OPEN (IE RSCD Agent is started and bound to the expected port)
    • Use agentinfo to verify agent state and if licensed


    Server Property will be set to the first root cause test that fails, indicating the problem with the agent connectivity.


    Pre-reqs for using the script:

    1. NMAP must be installed. You can find a version here: NMAP
    2. Create the Server Property AGENT_STATUS_CAUSE in the Property Dictionary as shown below;



    Instructions for importing the package:

    1. Download the attached zip file.
    2. Extract the content to a location accessible by the BSA Console
    3. From the BSA Console, select Depot, right-click and select Import
    4. Browse to the location of the un-zipped folder
    5. Check the box for "Automatically map or create export group"
    6. Click Next twice
    7. Select a location where to place this new package in BSA (default will keep structure of the package as it was exported)
    8. Click Finish



    • *Note: This is a community-supported package.