Grammar File for /etc/inet/services

Version 1

    Grammar file specifically for parsing /etc/inet/services file.


    Acquire credentials for executing BLCLI commands:

    • blcred cred -acquire -profile <ProfileName> -username <UserName> -password <UserPassword>

    Use the following BLCLI command to import the grammar file onto the file server:

    • blcli -v <ProfileName> ConfigFileGrammar createConfigFileGrammarOnFileServer "<Path_to_grammar_file>" "" "" "/etc/inet/services (" "Grammar file for parsing /etc/inet/services"

    Use the following commands to delete the grammar file:

    • Acquire credentials first if this is a new session (see above)
    • blcli_setoption serviceProfileName <ProfileName>
    • blcli_execute ConfigFileGrammar grammarNameToDBKey ""
    • blcli_storeenv gKey
    • blcli_execute Delete deleteModelObjectAndDependentObjects 600 ${gKey}