Collecting additional Hardware Inventory data

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    On Windows devices, any information in WMI can be captured as part of the Hardware Inventory scan process (though by default, only the most common WMI classes and attributes are scanned); additional WMI classes and attributes can be added with the steps below:


    1. In the console, go to Global Settings > Inventory Filters, and click the Hardware Inventory node on the left side of the console window.
    2. On the right side of the console window, click the Members tab, then click Edit > Create Filter; this filter will be used to customize the data collected for Hardware Inventory
    3. On the right side of the console window, click the Managed WMI Classes tab, and look for the WMI class which contains the data you are interested in. If the class already exists, skip to step 4 below.
      1. If the class you are interested in is not listed, click Edit > Create WMI class, and enter the information for the class. In the screenshot below, the Win32_PhysicalMedia class is being added.newclass.png
      2. On the left side of the console window, expand the filter created in step 2 above
      3. Right click the WMI Filters node on the left side of the console window, and select Add WMI Class; this adds the class created in step A above to your filter. Again, we'll add the Win32_PhysicalMedia class in this example.selectclass.png
    4. Expand the WMI Filters node under the inventory filter created in step 2
    5. Locate the newly added WMI class, and click on it.
    6. On the left side of the console window, click the Attributes tab. This tab lists the fields which will be imported from WMI (if you are looking at a newly added class, this list will be blank)
    7. For each WMI field in this class you would like to collect, click Edit > Create Attribute, and enter the attribute information
    8. Click Edit > Create Attribute once more, and enter a name of "*", and select Reject as the action. This ensures that only the attributes you have selected are collected. In the example below, we are collecting the SerialNumber and Tag attributes from WMI, and preventing the remaining attributes in the class from being collected.



    Now that the filter has been created, we must assign the filter so that the new settings are used. Assigning a new filter to a small number of test devices is recommended before assigning to all your devices; this allows the filter to be easily edited, updated, and tested before sending to your entire environment. Please go to the Assigned Objects > Devices node under the new filter, and assign a few test devices.


    Once the filter has been assigned, new hardware inventory data must be collected; to ensure that the new attributes are uploaded, please use an Operational Rule which contains the Update Hardware Inventory step with the following parameters:


    Once this operational rule runs, you should see the updated inventory data in your console. If you are seeing the expected data, you are now ready to assign the filter, and the rule to all of your devices.