Blade ZipKit – UCM ClearCase BMA Drift Scripts

Version 2

    Blade ZipKit Package Info

    Name: UCM ClearCase BMA Drift

    Type: NSH Script

    BSA Compatible Version: 8.3

    Version: 1.0

    Created by: Valerian Jone



    This is a variation of the typical BMA Drift Script that runs in BSA.


    The purpose of the BMA Drift Script is to allow scheduled/automated snapshots, diffs, and reporting of BMA configurations against java application servers like WebSphere.


    In this variation, all the steps to an end to end run of the BMA Drift Script are broken out into 4 discrete steps or NSH script jobs.


    1. ) Update ClearCase View
    2. ) Snapshot, Diff, Create Remediation, Report BMA Configurations
    3. ) Email Notify of Differences
    4. ) UCM ClearCase check-out and check-in


    The functionality is broken out so that one can have the flexibility of scheduling different pieces of functionality at different time to take into account scheduling issues. For example, if the versioning system is down in the middle of the night but one wants to take advantage of that time period to still execute BMA snapshots, one could schedule the BMA actions during that outage time period, and then afterwards when the versioning system comes back online, everything can be checked in at a later time.


    This variation supports UCM ClearCase as the versioning system to rely on to check-in and out the different configurations/reports that BMA creates.


    The only palpable difference between UCM ClearCase and regular ClearCase is how a user authenticates with ClearCase. Instead of specifying a username and password with the cleartool command, the user just logs into a server as the user itself and sets an activity number that has to be pre-created and pre-assigned to that user by a ClearCase administrator. An example is below.


    ssh/login as OS user that will run the BMA Drift Scripts on server that has BMA cli installed

    cd /clearcase/view/directory

    cleartool setact <activity number>


    Setting the activity number is pre-requisite to running the ClearCase step within the BMA Drift Scripts.


    Instructions for importing the package - Example:

    1. Download the attached zip file to your computer where the BSA console is installed.
    2. Extract the zip file
    3. Import the 4 individual directories one at a time into the Depot
    4. Create NSH Script Jobs from the NSH Scripts and fill in parameters
    5. Batch NSH Script Jobs as necessary
    6. Schedule the NSH Script Jobs to execute in BSA against Unix servers that have the BMA cli installed on them


    *Note: This is a community-supported package.