Do you AMIGO?

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    The AMIGO program - Assisted Migration Offering  – began with BMC Control-M in early 2011.  Its goal is to enable successful upgrades by providing all relevant information from a single location in an easily consumable format to ensure no information important for success is missed.   There is a built in process of consuming the information, and asking questions or raising concerns before the upgrade is performed. 

    AMIGO has been well-received by the customers using it, ushering along many smooth upgrades along the way.   As BMC Customer Support works more closely across product lines, we are always looking for successful practices to replicate, and the AMIGO program became an obvious choice.  You may have noticed the AMIGO program was recently announced for BMC Remedy ITSM Applications Suite and BMC Proactivenet Performance Management Suite, and we are hoping to achieve similar results.


    For more details on which products have an AMIGO program and resources for each, see BMC AMIGO Program Overview - BMC




    Have you participated in the AMIGO program?  Did it lead to a smooth upgrade experience?


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