Restart Plugin server without a Remedy server restart

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    This is a topic that comes up periodically, either because you changed the plugin server config, or something is just plain wrong and you need to restart the plugin server, but it's in production and you don't want to restart the entire server.


    A few weeks ago, I saw a discussion on how to do this through the driver program...I think it was Danny Kellett.  While driver is a very powerful tool that gives any user access to every API call that's available, it's hardly easy and certainly not convenient to need to memorize all of the commands that need to be entered.


    With this in mind, I produced a tool that is easy to configure, and easy to execute.


    APLRestartPlugin is an application that will log into your chosen server restart your plugin servers for you

    It can be run either from the Windows GUI, or from the command line. If run from the GUI you simply configure your server in the .properties file and double click on the JAR file, this will produce an output of the results into a file in the same folder

    Alternatively you can provide the jar with command line parameters

    Below are all of the parameters that are accepted for use

    APLRestartPlugin -x <server> -u <user> [-c <configFile> -p <password> -t <TCPPort> -o <outputFile>]
    -x: This is the server to connect to
    -u: User used to connect to the servers
    -c: Config file to use, if undefined it looks at file
    -p: Password of the user being used to connect
    -t: TCPPort to connect to server, uses port mapper if undefined
    -o: File that you want the output to go to. If undefined, it goes to ARThreadOutput.log


    you can find this tool here


    APLRestartPlugin | A Programming Legacy