How to Set Service Desk Client Profile to be Able to Approve/Reject Records from Email.

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    Message: Following error will appear when Service Desk Client user is attempting to approve a record by email:

    Your workflow approval message was not processed. You are not authorized to update the referenced object.
    Please do not reply to this message. Contact your system administrator if you feel you received this message in error.



    1. Log into RF as admin.

    2. Click on your name | Select Setup.

    3. Under Administration Setup | Go to Manage Users | Click Profiles.

    4. Click Edit from Service Desk Client profile.

    5. Under Custom Object Permissions, Check "View All" checkbox for Incident.


    NOTE: This will need to be checked for other Objects depending on approval process.


    6. Click Save.

    7. Verify Service Desk Client user is able to approve records.