Blade ZipKit - Extended Object - Display Configured Yum Repositories for Linux Servers

Version 2
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    Blade ZipKit Package Info
    Name: Display Configured Yum Repositories
    Type: Extended Objects for Linux
    BSA Compatible Version: 8.3, 8.7
    Version: 1.0

    Created by: Dan Goetzman

    This package creates a Extended Object which queries yum repos on Linux systems.

    Instructions for importing the package:

    1. Download the attached zip file
    2. Extract the content to a location accessible by the BSA Console
    3. From the BSA Console, select Configuration from the menu bar and click Config Object Dictionary View
    4. Select Extended Objects and Linux as shown here and click on the Import Configuration Object
    5. Browse to the location of the un-zipped folder (example: Yum_repos_enabled_Linux)
    6. Click Finish
    7. The imported Extended Object should now be visible in the Extended Object view.
    8. To test, select a Linux system in BladeLogic and Browse the server. Select Extended Objects in the Browse View and click Yum repos enabled. If done correctly, you should see the repos enabled on that server. See example below:




    *Note: This is a community supported package.