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Version 49
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    The Trending In Support blogs share the experience of BMC Customer Support on how to understand and best use particular product features.  You can read more about the goals of Trending in Support Blogs in About the Customer Support Community These blogs are posted in the individual product community, but as many community members have multiple BMC ProactiveNet products, this document provides a summary and links to these posts to make them easier to find.  Click Follow on this document to receive updates when there are updates for new pulse blogs.


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    Posted September 2015
    BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Upgrade from 9.5.X or 10.0.X to 10.3 using Silent installer for Postgres DatabaseBMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization
    Posted August 2015
    Debugging vCenter data collection problems using the vSphere PowerCLIBMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization
    Posted July 2015
    Entity Catalog in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.XBMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization
    Posted June 2015
    Understanding PATROL Agent LogsBMC PATROL Agent


    Recent Apache/Open SSL Security Vulnerabilities in BPPM

    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    How can I tell if the Portal is having data collection issues?

    BMC Performance Manager Portal
    Posted May 2015
    Gateway Visualizer fileBMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization
    SCOM vs SCCM and How Can I Monitor Either One in BPPM?BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    What is this Portal Quick Tune Guide I hear about?BMC Performance Manager Portal
    Posted March 2015
    Importing a custom Knowledge Module into BMC ProactiveNet Performance ManagerBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    User Session Timeout Feature in BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11.00BMC Performance Manager Portal
    Posted February 2015
    Important Prerequisite for Upgrade to BPPM 9.6 on Windows BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management


    Security Vulnerabilities found on BMC Portal and RSM servers

    BMC Performance Manager Portal

    Fixing Capacity Optimization Scheduler Communication Problems

    BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted January 2015
    After upgrading from BPPM 9.5 to BPPM 9.6 the Operations Console remains blank after loginBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    Have you worked with the export_data.sql and import_data.sql scripts yet?

    BMC Performance Manager Portal

    Stuck TrueSight Capacity Optimization Patch?

    BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted December 2014
    Data Consistency Reports in BPPM 9.6?BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    BMC Portal 2.11.00 has been released!

    BMC Performance Manager Portal

    BMC announces TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.0

    BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted November 2014
    BPPM and the POODLE VulnerabilityBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    BMC Portal and the Poodle Vulnerability BMC Performance Manager Portal

    Missing System or Business Metrics in TrueSight Capacity Optimization?

    BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted October 2014

    Building and packaging custom KMs for BPPM

    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    Portal AMIGO Program launched!

    BMC Performance Manager Portal
    Capacity Optimization

    BMC AMIGO Program

    BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted September 2014
    BPPM ReportingBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Elements being bound to multiple RSMsBMC Performance Manager Portal
    BCO Data Warehouse - an IntroductionBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted August 2014
    Duplicate Devices in BPPMBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    WMI Data Collection ErrorsBMC Performance Manager Portal
    BPA General Manager LiteBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted July 2014
    Business Service visibility for End Users in MyITBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    BMC MyIT
    Email notifications within BPPMBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    Our Remote Service Monitors have stopped collecting data

    BMC Performance Manager Portal
    BCO Data Marts and Materialized ViewsBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted June 2014
    BPPM and Active Directory BasicsBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Detecting Data Collection Gaps in the PortalBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Daily Checks to assess health of BCOBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted May 2014
    Migrating PATROL 3.x or 7.x Thresholds to Central Monitoring AdministrationBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    Oracle 11g usage with BMC Portal

    BMC Performance Manager Portal
    Who Moved My Cheese? - BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD)BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted April 2014
    Self Monitoring with BPPMBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    BPM for Web Application Servers 4.0; six terrific reasons to upgrade today!BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Events are not being sent from the Portal to BEM/SIMBMC Performance Manager Portal
    How to recover BCO functionality after the AS or EE file system has become 100% fullBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted March 2014
    Do you use the Central Monitoring Administration feature in BPPM 9.x?BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Portal's Oracle errors explainedBMC Performance Manager Portal
    BMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted February 2014
    BPPM 9.5 is here! Introducting AMIGOBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Common Portal log errorsBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Missing dataBMC Capacity Optimization

    Posted January 2014

    BPPM 9.0 Service Pack 2 DetailsBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Portal ScalabilityBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Reindexing Visualizer dbBMC Capacity Optimization

    Posted December 2013

    “BMC-BSW000002E User admin cannot be logged in: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError”BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Apache/JBOSS Security VulnerabilitiesBMC Performance Manager Portal
    BCO and BPA Diagnostics

    BMC Capacity Optimization

    BMC Performance Assurance

    Posted November 2013

    Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk (IBRSD)BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Portal Reporting OptionsBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Versions, docs, supportabilityBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted October 2013
    Disaster Recovery/High AvailabilityBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Portal Database SpecificationsBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Debugging BPA ETLBMC Capacity Optimization
    Posted September 2013 or earlier
    LDAP Authentication with BPPMBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    SNMP Monitoring in ProactiveNetBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    BPPM Database QuestionsBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    BPPM Data Consistency ReportBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    Remote Service MonitorsBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Status Mismatch IssuesBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Custom Performance ManagersBMC Performance Manager Portal
    Elements become unbound from RSM ClustersBMC Performance Manager Portal