BPPM 9.5 Architecture & Scalability Best Practices Webinar

Version 3
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    This Webinar, delivered on February 24, 2014, covers best practices for BPPM 9.5 Architecture & Scalability. In this webinar you'll gain information and knowledge on basic deployment, best practice vs. how to, core BPPM components, along with previous BPPM components and terms.


    Material covered includes:


    • Basic Architecture
    • BPPM Server
    • Databases
    • Integration Services
    • CMA Architecture
    • Staging Integration Services
    • Scalability
    • High Availability



    Make sure to check out the rest of the series and the documentation covered in the presentations.


    Please see below for the video recording (mp4), presentation (pdf), published best practices document (pdf) for architecture & scalability (referred to during the webinar), and the Q&A from the session (pdf). The Best Practices documentation is also on our documentation site along with the FAQs.


    • BPPM 9.5 Webinar Series Architecture & Scalability-20140225 1559-1.mp4 (recording)
    • BPPM 9.5 Architecture v1.4.pdf (published best practices document)
    • BPPM 9.5 Architecture & Scalability Best Practices_1.pdf (presentation)
    • BPPM 9 5 Best Practice Architecture QA.pdf (Q&A)