Top KA: KA317556 How do I determine which Template Part was being evaluated when an error occurred in my BBSA Compliance Job?

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            An error message such as the following is displayed when running a BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite(BBSA) Compliance Job:

    04 Dec 2008 11:08:58,501] [Job-WorkItem-Thread-12] [ERROR] [mpeters:WinAdmins:] [Compliance] error occured evaluating compliance rules on component CIS - Win03 v2.0 - Enterprise (DKHT0101) new : java.lang.RuntimeException: illegal value java.lang.RuntimeException: illegal value
    at com.bladelogic.ast.evaluator.ConditionEvaluator.evaluate(
    at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.compliance.ComplianceJobWorkItemImpl.doExecute(
    at com.bladelogic.model.job.workitem.BaseJobWorkItemImpl.execute(
    Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: illegal value


    How do I enable additional logging to determine which Template part was being processed when the failure occurred?


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    • BMC BladeLogic Server Automation - Compliance Module
    • BMC BladeLogic Server Automation - Compliance Module


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