Agent Reports

Version 6
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    What’s this report is about?



    This Report displays latest Status of Agent and Version of Agent per Server with last Recorded Date. Here Last Recorded Date means date which got recorded during last run of ETL. Last ETL run date is also displayed in header the Report. Report does not show decommissioned servers. Also we have introduced the Agent Dashboard report on the top of it. Which give you the count of agents by state and versions. Here also provided the drill through functionality to see the details of the report.


    Sample Output



    How to use this report


    • You must first import this report in your BDSSA environment before you can use it. Import is only one time task.

    • Import the “Agent” file (attached). (see below “How to Import this Report”)

    • Run Reports Agent Dashboard and Agent Status Report which is located at Public Folder -> Agent Reports (Folder).

    • By Default Agent Status Report run for all Server and all type of agent status. You can also filter data for agent status and Server Name in the html output of the report. Filter the data of your interest and press Filter Records button and see the output.


    Applicable versions of BDSSA


    • BDSSA 8.2

    • BDSSA 8.3

    • BDSSA 8.5

    • BDSSA 8.6

    How to import this report?

    1. Copy “Agent” file to <installable-dir>:/portal/deployment location

    2. Login with user who has access of Cognos Administration

    3. Go to Cognos Administration

    4. Go to Configuration -> Content Administration –> New Import

    5. Select Agent Reports radio button and then do NEXT. After that second page will appear and do NEXT again.

    6. Select Check box  - > NEXT

    7. Click NEXT.. NEXT.. -> FINISH -> RUN.

    8. Check Box - View details of this import after closing this dialog

    9. After import is finished you should see a message stating - successfully imported 3 Objects

    10. Then go to public folders and you would see a folder named “Agent Reports" and it would have report with the same name.

    11. You are all set to use this report.


    Latest ZIP file attached, with the two reports.