AIFs - Simplifying their initial creation through automation

Version 1
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    Creating AIFs, especially the first time, can be time consuming and frustrating as there are many steps involved.  While those steps are nicely documented in posts such as The Pulse: Using Advanced Interface Form (AIF) to Streamline Operations it still requires significant time to set up a new AIF template to be used.


    Using the steps in the previously mentioned link as guidance, I created a simple utility that should automate the entire process and have documented the details and published it on my blog at the following location:



    Sneak peak screenshot of the utility, please see the blog for the full story:


    The utility has been built and tested against SRM 8.1 however I believe should work fine on anything 7.6.04+ but that remains untested at this point.  If anybody would like to try out the utility and provide feedback, good or bad, I will try and update the utility as needed.


    I'd also like to bring further attention to an Idea that Jason Miller created which would eliminate a lot of the need for this utility so please vote for this idea for BMC to include the ability to overlay multiple objects in Dev Studio at the same time: Allow overlaying multiple objects at the same time