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Version 14
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    Hoping to make it easier to find some of the gems that are out there.


    Downloads and documentation

    Documentation, release notes, tech bulletins and compatibility info specific to Workload Automation. new!

    Electronic Product Download - Download full products and Fix Packs.

    Public ftp server - Download Fix Packs and Patches.

    Fix Packs and Patches - Explanation about Fix Packs, Patches an how they are numbered

    Product availability and compatibility - Compatibility between Control-M products and third-party products.


    Upcoming Events

    BMC Communities Event Calendar

    BMC Events



    BMC Workload Automation Training - BMC Education Get Certified!



    BMC Control-M webinars - Recording of Control-M webinars

    BMC Communities' YouTube channel

    YouTube - iTunes - Recorded Connect with Control-M webinars and Support videos

    Tutorial videos - by BMC Education


    Social media

    Control-M on BMC Communities, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn.


    Customer Support

    BMC Support Central - Main Customer Support Portal

    BMC's issue Severity Level definitions

    The AMIGO program - Work with the experts to make your upgrade go smoothly

    Top 20 most popular Control-M knowledge articles

    Knowledge Base - new and improved!