How to Succeed in Automation Without Losing Your Mind (DRAFT)

Version 3
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    What to Know:


    Skills / Capability:

    • Training
      • Where: Web-based, remote, on-site
      • When:
        • -Before, recurrent, new projects
        • -Budget for next year now!
        • -New/transitioning employees
      • Where to start:
        • -8.x transition
        • -Foundations, Expert
        • -Internal, Consulting
      • Onsite, over-the-shoulder enablement with Services
        • -Use Case Enablement
        • -New Admin up-to-speed
      • Customized Training for specific use cases


    Accreditations and Certifications - BMC Software

    Online Documentation

    • Online / Live,
      • Easily updated
      • Comment for bugs, request for clarity
    • Support Login required (get support logins for all of your users!)
    • Automation Suite High Level Use Cases & BSA Product

    Best Practices:







      • Monitored by regular users, BMC PS, Sustaining, R&D (Bill!)
      • Not a replacement for support, training
      • Great for “How do I” questions, getting started

    • -Support Knowledge Base
      • Built by experts
      • First place to look for support engineers
      • Keywords & Error Messages
      • Workarounds, SP, “Fixed in:”


    How to File a Ticket For Fastest Resolution


    • If it's a P1, call, don't email.
    • Open under your company’s current Support ID, not under a partner’s.
    • Clear problem statement
      • -I was trying to …
      • -I expected …
      • -I got …
      • -I wanted it to …
    • Logs and screenshots:
      • -agent
      • -deploy & transaction
      • -appserver
      • -console
    • Do I just want an RFE?
    • Best way: Log the initial ticket, but can also open tickets via email