Trending in Support: Troubleshooting BDSSA ETL failures in Metadata Navigator

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    When the BDSSA ETL job fails, your reports are not going to be up-to-date so it is important to get ETL failures diagnosed and resolved quickly.


    The BSA job run logs will only contain very high-level information about the success or failure of the ETL job. This is useful for quickly spotting failures but not for troubleshooting the root-cause. Conversely, the ETL log files in the <REPORTS>/etl/logs directory are extremely detailed, listing all the SQL statements of the stored procedures being executed, but often don't contain the error message. They are useful in rare cases if requested by BMC Support.


    The place we always want to look when investigating BDSSA ETL failures is the ODI Metadata Navigator tool. This 13 minute video covers how to access the Metadata Navigator web interface and how to navigate it efficiently in order to find the root cause of an ETL failure.


    Note: The items referenced in the last slide are linked here for convenience:


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