Entry Inspector - A Java FilterAPI Plugin Sample

Version 1
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    Over the weekend I decided to put together a small write-up about Java Plugins for Remedy so I figured I would base it off an actual working example so I built a simple plugin with a write up explaining (at a high level) some of the FilterAPI parts of it that I published on my technical blog.  It’s basically a custom display form that interacts with a Java FilterAPI plugin that can pull in a record to display all its content, and then once you have an entry loaded in it, if you change the entry (either manually or via workflow) you can see what has changed.  Can be useful for a couple of scenarios:


    • When you just want to quickly see all the data in an entry (in a post User Tool world).
      • Reports are slow to build, AR Reports you need to add each field one at a time, on big forms like HPD:Help Desk, this can take a looooong time and web reports can’t display fields that are not on the primary view so for a full dump you can’t rely on web reports.
    • When you want to see the result of changes made to entries (e.g. to see what else gets changed when you change something)
      • You can get the same thing through grepping log files but this lets you see it a bit quicker


    Here is the link to entry which has a much more detailed write up:




    Towards the bottom of the entry is a zip file with everything including instructions on bringing it into any remedy environment.


    Hopefully this will be useful to somebody.  If there are any bugs or enhancement requests, please do not hesitate to let me know.