Assessment Tool for BSA version 1.02 [Deprecated, Use Health & Value Dashboards 1.4.00]

Version 12

    ** The latest version of this is here: BladeLogic Dashboard 1.4.00 (Service Health and Value)**

    This is a tool to survey a BSA environment.  It looks at database table sizing and other common configurations.


    From the readme.txt:


    To Install and Run and BladeLogic Application Server:

    1. Copy the zip on to a BladeLogic Application Server.

    2. Unzip and copy the files into a folder.

    3. Open a command line shell and cd into the folder you extracted zip into - eg /tmp/dashboard

    4. Run 'nsh setup.nsh'. This will setup the tool for the environment and create executables for linux and dashboard.bat for windows.

    5. Uncomment and specify bluser,blrole,blpassword,blprofile values in the file.Optionally you can specify the values when prompted.

       Refer the section for more details.

    6. Execute or dashboard.bat to generate app server reports.



    This utility will create a folder by the current time stamp in the "reports" folder.

    The "index.html" serves as a landing page for all the reports.


    The list of valid parameters are :

      db.connection.url : DB connection URL  (optional)    : DB driver name     (optional)

      db.user           : DB username        (optional)

      db.password       : DB password        (optional)

      db.version     : Bladelogic Version e.g. 8.2 (optional)

      max.rows       : Maximum number of rows for

      each table in HTML report (optional)

      bluser         : Bladelogic Username (required for infra reports,optional otherwise)

      blrole         : Role for bladelogic user (required for infra reports,optional otherwise)

      blpassword     : Password for bladelogic user (required for infra reports,optional otherwise)

      blprofile      : Profile name for bladelogic user   (required for infra reports,optional otherwise)


    Adding/customizing tables of the report:

       Create a new table by specifying the required values in the below format :

        query.<queryname>.sequence_id=<sequence number>






        SELECT ...


        SELECT ...

      Append the above section in properties file in appropriate folder under "template" folder in the folder you have dashboard.

      Optionally create a new properties file with the above text and copy the file in the appropriate folder under "template" folder.

      Only properties file under the Utilities, Patching, Cleanup, and DBMigration can be appended.


    Limitation :

      BDSSA, Value dashboard and Portal related links will not work.

    You can optionally look at for the complete solution