Missions Overview

Version 9

    In the past weeks, you've seen badges being granted to you.

    They are part of Missions, guiding on a journey to best benefit from BMC Communities.


    Let's describe the Missions that are proposed:


    Mission_Promising.pngPromising Participation enables the new users to be onboarded on BMC Communities. This mission contains the basic behaviors that are expected for most users, whatever their background or needs are: login in a couple of time, valuing core attributes on their profile, and following at least another user.
    Mission_KeyContributor.pngKey Community Contributor regroups behaviors around engagement: in order to provide value for the Community, users need to interact (like, comment), and to contribute content (create a discussion, a document, etc.)
    Mission_DiscussionMaven.pngDiscussion Maven focuses on engagement around discussions, where users can ask questions. The best way to have an answer is to go ahead and ask a question. And by interacting on discussions from others, you'll increase overall knowledge of the community.
    Mission_IndispensibleMember.pngIndispensable Member rewards more advanced users, showing behaviors that help a lot the rest of the community: fully filling out their profile (btw, don't forget to check privacy!), liking various content, flagging answers as correct/helpful (thus curating good solutions, and giving points to SMEs!), etc.
    Mission_InfluentialMemberLevelX.pngInfluential Member: level X rewards users who are influential in the community. The more Like you'll receive, and the more followers you'll have, the more missions you'll complete!
    Mission_GlobalVisibility.pngGlobal Visibility is used to reward highly viewed users. The more views you'll get, the more steps you'll reach on the ladder of this Mission