Certido Integration Engine for BMC Remedy AR System by Keane

Certido Integration Engine for BMC Remedy AR System by Keane

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Business Value

Certido™ Integration engine is an add-on product that is used to synchronize Certido and the Remedy™ AR System™. This interface between Certido and Remedy applications is to facilitate business continuity with minimal impact.

The business value offered by this integration to BMC clients is:

  • Clients' that use the Remedy applications can leverage Application Management Services of Keane leveraging this interface as Certido is a home grown tool that is bundled as a service by Keane
  • Keane is a established leader in AO having a dedicated practice on Application Management with skills on the Remedy products

Solution Value

Certido, Keane's application management tool is integrated with Remedy AR System using Web Services which leverages the AR System's Web Service interface.  Certido is a value addition to Keane customers that helps in customer having a dashboard view of details related to their support, manage ticket volume and generate reports based on need.  The Certido Interface Engine enables the following:

  • Facilitate real time two way communication between Certido and Remedy AR System
  • Track failures and update during next synchronization automatically
  • The design generates exception reports
  • Further the design enables notifications on failures
Certido and AR System need not be available at the same location for this interface engine to operate.

Key Features and Benefits

The Certido Integration Engine offers the following features and benefits:

  • When an operation such as ticket creation / ticket update is triggered through Certido, the tool triggers an update to the Certido Integration Engine.
  • Certido Integration Engine converts the data into a format recognized by the AR System and creates an update to the Remedy AR System using Web Services.
  • Similarly whenever an operation such as ticket creation / ticket update is triggered in the AR System, Certido will have an automatic update through the Certido Integration Engine. 
  • The Interface Engine also validates the update on either side and in case of failures automatically retries at periodic intervals in addition to email notification on failure. All these are logged and a report is available at any point of time.




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Certido Integration Engine for BMC Remedy  Action Request System by Keane
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