Import Old COs into a new BladeLogic Application Server

Version 3

    This script will let you import older Custom/Server Object versions into a BSA install.  Currently  it's not officially possible to import an older CO if a newer one is present, and this script gets  around the limitation.  This has been lightly tested - meaning live browse and snapshot seem to work  well after this script runs - and should be considered otherwise unsupported by BMC.  You can get some

    older CO versions from or from your previous-version appserver in the NSH/br/autoimportcontent/customobjects directory.


    Copy these files to one of the new BSA application servers, as well as this script, get creds w/ blcred and run:


    nsh importOldCO.nsh -P <profile> -R BLAdmins -d /tmp/oldCOs


    Where /tmp/oldCOs is the directory w/ the old COs to import, and this script must run as BLAdmins.  Also you do not need to rename the files copied from another appserver, the script will handle that.


    After running the script, run a Update Server Property Job w/ the 'register COs' option checked against  any older agents, and restart your GUI so it will download all the icons for the older COs.