Custom Object Utility Script

Version 6

    This script lets you do a couple things.


    Fix the missing or "red question mark" Custom Object icons that show in live browse - this can happen in certain situations when a bsa environment is replicated and the CO files are not present on the file server.  To run the script in this mode:

    • On an appserver in your environment, get creds with blcred
    • nsh customObjectUtility.nsh -P <profile> -R <role> -m fixBlAssetLocations
    • script must run from an appserver as a os user that has write access to the file server via the file server RSCD


    After running the script, restart your GUI so it will pull down the CO icon files.


    Fix missing COs where your application server/database does not have Custom Objects in the Config Object dictionary for older agent versions.  This will be a problem when you live browse a target and see no COs listed at all (as opposed to the CO but with a red question mark icon in the case above).  You must first get the older COs either from a BSA environment with the older COs - typically from <appserver install>/NSH/br/autoimportcontent/customobjects, or from one of the SH-based installer files for the appserver (the script will extract the CO zips from it).  To run the script in this mode:

    • Get creds with blcred
    • nsh customObjectUtility.nsh -P <profile> -R <role> -m importOldCOs [-i <installer file> | -z <dir with co zips> ]


    After running the script, run a Update Server Property Job w/ the 'register COs' option checked against any older agents, and restart your GUI so it will download all the icons for the older COs.