CLM ZipKit - Apache Tomcat on SUSE Linux Enterprise server 11.0

Version 5
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    SUSE Linux is a computer operating system. It is built on top of the open source Linux kernel and is distributed with system and application software from other open source projects. SUSE Linux is known for its YaST configuration tool.


    SUSE offers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Each focuses on packages that fit its specific purpose.


    The SUSE Linux Enterprise server service blueprint supports single tier deployment model. In the single tier deployment model, SUSE Linux Enterprise server 11.0 is installed on a single instance of a server.


    This Service Blueprint package is available for following BMC Cloud LifeCycle Management versions:


    BMC Cloud LifeCycle ManagementDocumentation LinkeZDeploy Package name
    BMC Cloud LifeCycle Management 3.1
    BMC Cloud LifeCycle Management 4.0
    documentationCLM 4.0-Apache Tomcat 8.0 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.0.eZ
    BMC Cloud LifeCycle Management 4.5documentationCLM 4.5-Apache Tomcat 8.0 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.0.eZ
    How to download and use eZDeploy