CLM ZipKit - Appliance Provider

Version 4
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    Appliance Provider allows you to define a custom provider for providing an easy template based cloning solution which is agent less and integrates with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution. It provides an end to end mechanism to provision and configure appliances such as load balancers, firewalls, proxy gateways, etc. As a Cloud Administrator you can use the Appliance Provider's service catalog to offer many of the appliance oriented offerings of your service provider.

    This custom provider does not have any agent deployed, and allows you to provision and configure following type of devices:

    • Riverbed vSH (WAN Opt)
    • Cisco WAA (WAN Opt)
    • F5 LTM (Load balancer)
    • Riverbed Stringray (Load Balancer)
    • Citrix NetScaler (Load Balancer)
    • Citrix Access Gateway (Proxy)
    • Bluecoat Web Gateway (Proxy)
    • Checkpoint Firewall
    • CheckPoint Multi Domain Security Manager



    Attached Installer Files

    Installer for CLM on Windows - ApplianceProvider 20.13.04 Windows Installer for CLM 3.1
    Installer for CLM on Linux - ApplianceProvider 20.13.04 Linux Installer for CLM 3.1 SP1.tar


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