AIX Workaround for online or offline catalog if bff's download is not working?

Version 1

    AIX Patch catalog Work-Around

    If catalog is having some issue while downloading patches from IBM site or due to soome conjunction in network then the bwlow work around can help you in creating online catalog or offline downloader.






    If there is problem to download patch via http then download patch via FTP method or from any other network and copy over the network or repo where you were running the offline downloader or online downloader....


    Then change the naming convention of the download patch to md5sum


    bffName="Java6.sdk.";echo -n "$bffName" | md5sum | cut -d " " -f1


    once you get the md5sum then run the cp command

    for e.g


    bffName="cas.agent.";echo -n "$bffName" | md5sum | cut -d " " -f1



    cp cas.agent. /bmc/Aix/SP/AIX_7_1_TL02SP03/cas.agent.


    run the offline down loader again if you face any thing is failing then remove the / metadata etc . do not delete any patch file


    Once you get the offline down loader success status then run the online catalog with the offline repo patch.



    That it is......