Workflow: Automatically append the incident description to the task description when a task is linked to an incident.

Version 1
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    To accomplish this you will need to create a workflow and a field update on the task object.

    Creating Workflow Rule:             

    1. Login to Remedyforce as an administrator and click on Setup.
    2. Go to App Setup, Create, Workflow & Approvals, Workflow Rules.
    3. Select New Rule.
    4. Select Object: Task
    5. Enter Rule Name: Appends Task Description with Linked Incident's Description.
    6. Evaluation Criteria should be set to Every time a record is created or edited.
    7. Enter Rule Criteria 1: Field-Task: State Open, Operator-Equals, Value-True.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Return to All Workflow Rules.
    10. Click Activate next to the workflow rule that was just created

    Creating Field Update:

    1. From the workflow select New Field Update by clicking on Workflow Action button.
    2. The Field to Update: Task: Description.
    3. Select the "Use a formula to set the new value" radio button and click "Show Formula Editor".
    4. Enter formula: PRIORVALUE(BMCServiceDesk__taskDescription__c) & BR() &  BMCServiceDesk__FKIncident__r.BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c
    5. Click Save.