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    Master transmitter


    The master transmitter serves as the primary source of content in your environment. It hosts the content that is distributed to all other components in your environment. Typically, you configure only one master transmitter in your environment.




    Mirror transmitter


    You can use one or more mirror transmitters to regularly replicate (copy) all the content of the master transmitter, and serve as a pseudo-master transmitter by distributing content to clients. A mirror alleviates load on the master transmitter and often serves as a redundancy mechanism for the master.



    Repeater Transmitter


    You can use one or more repeater transmitters to regularly replicate all or part of the content of one or more transmitters (mirrors or the master). Repeaters are usually distributed across a WAN, and are geographically closer to clients, enabling faster downloads and providing clients with the ability to download data without leaving the LAN.





    The BMC Configuration Management proxy is an HTTP-based proxy that caches BMC CM content and enables components to traverse corporate firewalls. Proxies act as intermediaries between transmitters and their clients, brokering requests from clients and sending files back to them on behalf of the transmitter. Because BMC Configuration Management proxies cache your data, they are a good choice in remote locations where clients and the transmitter are separated by a slow connection.