Enabling Logging for Windows Installer

Version 1

    A customer (Blair Paine) recently made me aware of an option with the Windows Installer to enable extra logging. This is documented on the following Microsoft page: How to enable Windows Installer logging


    This is an incredibly useful technique when trying to work out how to get an MSI to install silently, and what properties can be set.


    The enabling of this requires the change to just a single registry key, which makes it an ideal candidate for a BladeLogic blpackage! (attached).


    So, when you need to debug Windows installers:

    1. Deploy the "Enable windows installer logging" package to the server
    2. Deploy the MSI
    3. Check the %TEMP% directory for the user mapped by the Bladelogic role for recent files matching the pattern MSI*.LOG
    4. Don't forget to rollback the package to disable logging again. (Microsoft warn that it will affect performance).