CLM ZipKit - WAMP Variant on Windows 2008 R2

Version 3
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    WAMP refers to a set of free (open source) applications, combined with Microsoft Windows, which are commonly used in Web server environments. The WAMP stack provides developers with the four key elements of a Web server:  an operating system, database, Web server and Web scripting software. The combined usage of these programs is called a server stack. In this stack, Microsoft Windows is the operating system (OS),Apache is the Web server, MySQL handles the database components, while PHP, Python, or PERL represents the dynamic scripting languages.

    This Service Blueprint package deploys WAMP Variant on Windows 2008 R2

    Software namePackaged with eZDeploy


    Deployment model



    In standalone deployment model, the WAMP Variant is installed and configured on single server instance.

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