Force Publishing a Patch Group breaks the Patches

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    Force Publishing a Patch Group wipes out the necessary contents under the packaging directory and publishes the patches with just pkgconfig.xml This misleads that the Patch Group are successfully published, but creates many problems in the endpoint level when installing those patches.

    Steps to Reproduce the Problem:

    1. Create a Static Patch Group

    2. Add one or two patches to it and publish the patch group. Confirm that the patch group is successfully published.

    3. Force publish the same static patchgroup and notice the patches added to the patchgroup are published with just pkgconfig.xml in it

    4. This can be confirm by accessing http://MasterTransmitter:5282/PatchManagement/Patches/ and look for sizes of the patches that are part of that patch group which we just published. It should say 2 KB

    5. Although the PatchManager says that the patch group is successfully published, those patches will encounter error while installing at the endpoints.

    Workaround Identified:

    1. Idenfity the problematic patches(whose size equals 2KB) by queriying your Master Transmitter

    select, tc.url, tc.segment, tc.lastupdated, tc.segment_size

    from inv_machine a

    inner join inv_tuner t on t.[machine_id]=a.[id]

    inner join inv_txchsegment tc on tc.[tuner_id] = t.[tuner_id]

    where like 'dkhm1320' and (tc.url like '%PatchManagement%' and tc.url not like '%PatchManagement/PatchGroups%' and tc.url not like '%PatchInfo%' ) and tc.segment_size < 100

    2. Delete the problematic patches(whose size equals 2KB) from Patch Manager using commandline option

    runchannel http://MasterTransmitter:5282/Marimba/Current/PatchManager -user USERNAME -password PASSWORD -deletePatches -ids MARIMBA_ID_OF_PROBLEMATIC_PATCH -preview false -republishGroups true -verbose all

    3. Update the Patch Repository

    4. Add the same problematic patches into a Patch Group and perform a normal publish operation.

    5. Subscribe the patchgroup at the endpoint and Update the Patchservice at the endpoint. The patches should install successfully.

    This issue is identified in Patch Manager with Windows Patch Source

    BMC is aware of this issue and working based off the Defect Id: SW00459970. Fix will be available in 8.3 Release which is targeted Jan'14.

    If you need a Hotfix, contact the BMC Support