FAQ 01: Doesn't populating the (Causal) CI+ field depend on the User?

Version 1
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    Q: You refer to the Causal CI, or CI  field, it’s my understanding OOTB the menu on this field is looking for Assets associated with the User so this has a potential to being inconsistent in terms of the use of this CI  field?


    A: The OOB menu on the CI and the Service fields show CIs that are in related to the Customer or the Customers Organization (i.e. the either the Company, Org and/or Department level).  These menus are there to assist the Service Desk agent to quickly find CIs that are being used by the Customer.  The CI field is not limited to the values that may show up in the menu.  Any CI can be defined in this field.  In fact, if you use the search icon next to the field you can search and relate any CI.