BMC ZipKits for CLM and BSA

Version 3

    BMC is very excited to launch the BMC ZipKits program which aims to provide Pre-Packaged Content for Cloud and Automation Use Cases.


    ZipKits for CLM provides OOB blueprints covering Windows and Linux Operating Systems, Middleware applications such as Web servers, application servers, portal servers, database applications  as well as Runtime Environments such as WAMP, LAMP, etc. These OOB service blueprints will drive self service adoption and improve TTV. Additionally prepackaged content includes integrations as well as IaaS Providers.


    ZipKits for BSA provides system packages for popular Operating Systems like RedHat, CentOS, SuSE, Oracle Enterprise Linux and MS Windows. We also provide BLPackages for common enterprise applications and databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g R2, MongoDB, MySQL, WebLogic, IIS, Apache HTTP server. These packages are community supported.


    The BMC Pre-Packaged Content can be found at the links below:

    • App Essentials which integrates with Commercial  Enterprise Apps.
    • ZipKits for CLM for pre-packaged CLM templates, blueprints, IaaS Provider and Integrations
    • ZipKits for Blade for pre-packaged BL and System packages
    • Shared Essentials where customers collaborate and share their content using BMC Communities.


    We hope the community will benefit from these packages in their environment as well as offer their own contributions when possible.


    Official Press Release: BMC Software Delivers Easy Path to Cloud Computing