Using AR System Documentation Master Index

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    Using AR System Documentation Master Index

    Do you ever look at the AR System documentation set and wonder where to find the information you need? Well, there are two ways to make finding information easier. First, use the Master Index, available beginning with AR System® 6.0, and second, use the PDF search functionality available in Adobe Reader v 6.0 or higher. This article will outline the steps for easing your search, so you'll be able to find the information you need in no time.

    Using the Master Index

    Let's start by talking about the Master Index. It contains entries for the following AR System 6.0 and AR System 6.3 books:

    • Developing AR System Applications: Advanced (ADV)
    • C API Reference (API)
    • Developing AR System Applications: Basic (BAS)
    • Configuring (CF)
    • Concepts Guide (CG)
    • Database Reference Guide (DB)
    • DSO Admin Guide (DSO)
    • Email Engine Guide (EEG)
    • Error Messages Guide (ER)
    • Flashboards Administrator's Guide (FB)
    • Installing AR System (IG)
    • Optimizing and Troubleshooting (OP)

    If you are using the hard-copy version of the Master Index, use the key at the bottom of each page to find out which book the page number is referring to. For example, if an index entry says "reusable workflow BAS 474," go to page 474 of the Developing AR System Applications: Basic guide to find the information.

    If you view the Master Index in a PDF file, you can click an index entry and be taken to the exact location in the corresponding book. To use this feature:

    1. Make sure all of the books, including the Master Index, are in the same folder.  You can copy the PDF files from your AR System product CDs or download a zip file containing PDF files for all AR System books from the Customer Support web site at
    2. Open the Master Index, and click an index entry link.  The window displays the information you requested in the appropriate book.  When you click a link in the Master Index, the index file is closed, and the book that contains the information is opened. To go back to the Master Index, click the Go to Previous View button in the toolbar.

    Note: Click images for full screen view.

    Figure 1 – Acrobat Reader Toolbar v 6.0

    Figure 2 – Acrobat Reader Toolbar v 7.0

    Using the Adobe Reader's Search Functionality

    If you have Adobe Reader version 6.0 or later, you can easily search for text within all of the PDFs that are in the same folder. You do not need to open the files before running your search.

    To upgrade your version of Adobe Reader, go to

    To search PDF documents in a specific location:

    1. Open Adobe Reader.
    2. From the Edit menu, choose Search.
    3. In the Search PDF pane, type the word or phrase to search for.
    4. Select the "All PDF Documents in" option and browse to the folder containing the PDF files for AR System documents.
    5. Click Search.
    6. In the Results window, click a document to open it to the first occurrence of the search term in the document.
    7. To navigate to other occurrences of the search term within the document, click a link under the document name. To navigate to occurrences in other documents, click the plus (+) symbol to the left of a document name.

    Now that you know how to search PDF documents and utilize the Master Index to its fullest extent, you should be able to quickly and easily locate the information you need in AR System documentation.

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