CLM ZipKit - VDI Orchestration

Version 9
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    The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Orchestration ZipKit is an integrated solution that provides a set of Service Request Management (SRM) workflows and BMC Atrium Orchestrator (AO) workflows to orchestrate request to fulfillment process covering self service based virtual desktop provisioning use case based on Citrix VDI infrastructure.

    The ZipKit facilitates an end-user or a manager having direct reports to request one or more virtual desktops using self service interface. It also provides the flexibility to perform post provisioning change request on the provisioned virtual desktop. The solution orchestrates the request to fullfillment process and provides request process, approval process, change process, fulfillment workflow as well as a way to request changes to provisioned desktop. It also allows an end-user or a manager to decommission the provisioned desktop.

    Using this ZipKit, you can request the following desktop types:

    • Pooled-Random
    • Pooled-Static
    • Dedicated
    • Existing


    Refer VDI Orchestration documentation.


    Visit BMC VDI Orchestration | Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace for details about the product.



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