CLM Zipkit - Cisco HCS Provider

Version 3
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    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management supports the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) Provider in order to deploy the Cisco HCS applications as a service. The integrated solution allows the Cisco partners to configure and provision the Cisco HCS service (for example: Voice, Presence, Voicemail, or Contact Center).


    The Cisco HCS integration with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and VMDC enables:

    • Accelerated on-boarding of customers
    • Repeatable templated (blueprint based) configuration for Cisco HCS services
    • Provision one or more of Cisco HCS service using Cisco defined custom placement logic as well as custom hostname logic
    • Unified operator experience across IaaS and HCS for provisioning
    • On-demand scalability


    Click to refer the Managing Cisco HCS Provider documentation.


    Cisco HCS Blueprints


    Cisco HCS blueprints are the network and service blueprints covering the three main Unity Connection (UC) applications - Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Unity and Presence. A Cisco HCS service blueprint caters to all the deployment models containing multiple application types. The service definition and deployment definition of the blueprint is mapped to the Cisco HCS entities in the following way:

    • Application type: Mapped to multiple functional components
    • Application instance nodes (AIN): Resource sets for the deployment definition
    • Application templates: Product catalog entries (DML) available as an installable resource in the Compute Resources section of the resource set.


    Click to refer the Cisco HCS blueprint documentation.




    Attached files

    File nameDescription
    tagutil.zipContains the Cisco HCS Tag utility. Contains the Cisco HCS Blueprints.
    CiscoHCS 1.0.00 Windows Installer for CLM 3.1 SP1.zipContains the Cisco HCS Windows installation files.
    CiscoHCS 1.0.00 Linux Installer for CLM 3.1 SP1.tarContains the Cisco HCS Linux installation files.