How to Move or Copy Track-It!; the newer, simpler method

Version 14
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    As you may know, we have a batch file method used to copy Track-It! components (the database, configuration files and settings, etc.).


    This process is used for such evolutions as:


    -Moving Track-It! to a new server

    -Moving the Track-It! database to a new SQL server or instance

    -Establishing a test environment that has the same data and behaves the same as your production system

    -Disaster recovery


    The method that has been used to date has required a lot of manual editing, and some DOS/batch file knowledge.  The batch files (one to make a backup, and one to do the restore) had to be located in a specific directory in order to work.  There was often a fair amount of trial and error to get a good backup set and to get that restored successfully; usually a lot of calls to Tech Support; and often with a whole lot of frustration.


    In response to the issues I've seen while supporting this process, I built a completely new batch file.  This is a single file that prompts you, and lets you choose to do either a backup or a restore.  It automatically determines a large portion of what you previously had to enter by hand.  What it can't determine automatically, or for certain decisions that it can't make, it describes what it needs and asks you how you want to proceed.  You should never have to edit this, and it doesn't matter what directory you run it from.


    This is the updated "How to move/copy" article to reflecting this new simplified method.  I've included the batch file here as a text file.  Feel free to give it a test drive.  Remember that it does stop Track-It! services in order to do a backup, so don't back up your existing production system unless you're OK with the downtime while the services are stopped.  Other than that, the backup doesn't make any changes to the system it's being run on.  (The restore option obviously will modify the system it's run on, so I wouldn't recommend testing it on your production system during the middle of your workday.)


    If you choose to download and try this out, you'll need to rename the downloaded file to CopyOrMove.bat in order to run it as a batch file.


    Enjoy, and constructive feedback is welcomed.





    I've deleted all of the prior "revision" notes, to keep this thread streamlined.  Attached is the latest version of the Copy/Move batch file.  If you want to be sure you have the latest version, either delete the one you have and download this one; or edit the one you have to see if the last note in the comments area is from October 24, 2016.  This is the complete version, with all tweaks and improvements to date.  It works with all "modern" Track-It! versions, from Track-It! 9 to Track-It! 11.4 with SP1R1.