Blade ZipKit - Google Chrome Enterprise for Windows

Version 5

    Blade ZipKit Info
    Type: MSI Package
    BSA Compatible Version: NA
    Version: 1.0
    More Info: Chrome Browser
    Created by: Akbar Aziz

    Instructions for creating and configuring the MSI package:

    1. Download from Chrome Browser
    2. From the BSA Console, browse to the Depot Folder and either create or choose an existing folder to host this package
    3. Right-click the selected folder and select New->Software->MSI Package
    4. Select Installable Sources - point it to the location of the downloaded file and choose to either Upload to File Server or for the agent to mount a share.
    5. The Add Depot Software: Step 1 of 3 window appears and gives you the opportunity to fill out options for the install.
    6. In this example, the silent install is: msiexec /qn /i "??SOURCE??"
    7. Click Next
    8. Assign the desired roles and permissions and click Next
    9. Click Finish


    Here is an example screen-shot of the package in BladeLogic:




    *Note: This is a community supported package.