OS Deployment - Analyzing logs

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    It's not always easy to know where to look at o find interesting logs when your OSD project fails.


    1- FPAC logs:

    The first thing to do to check logs is to know your project number:

    - Compile your project

    - Select your project in the console, click on the tab "Log File" and look for a line like this one at the very begining:

    Wed 08/28/2013 - 15:13:44.06: I   ProjectId=  1010


    If the project compilation fails you'll find logs in \\_YOUR_OSD_MANAGER_\\c$\Program Files\BMC Software\client\data\OsDeployment\log\ (e.g. \\\c$\Program Files\BMC Software\10.1\client\data\OsDeployment\log\build.amd64.1008.log) or simply select your project in the console, click on the tab "Log File".


    Capture or deployment logs will be found in \\_YOUR_OSD_MANAGER_\_YOUR_PXETFTP_SHARE_\log\_YOUR_PROJECT_ID_ (e.g: \\\pxetftp\log\1008). These logs will probably tell you why you couldn't deploy or capture (e.g. not enough disk space on the share you want to copy the captured wim to)



    2- Windows logs:

    The OSD manager downloads some panther logs from the target device since FPAC 11 but sometimes the project fails before the module can download them so it might still be interesting to know where you can find them:

    - XP :

    C:\Windows\setupapi.log (logs driver installations)

    C:\Windows\setupact.log (logs install actions)

    C:\Windows\setuperr.log (logs install errors)

    C:\Windows\Debug\netsetup.log (logs domain joins)

    - Vista/7/2008:





    In some case (when the runsysprep.bat would not work) i have found it usefull to have a look at this log:



    To be able to read these logs if you only have the MS-DOS windows available you'll have to:

    - go to the project properties and select "None" instead of "Shutdown" or "Reboot", then recompile and restart the device or rerun the runsysprep.bat.

    - when the project will have failed you'll be able to use the MS-DOS window (if not you might want to try "Ctrl + Tab" or "Shift + F10 i think, to launch a new one)

    - type notepad in and edit the logs you're interested in.




    - This article applies to FPAC =< 11.6.

    - This article should be updated for 11.7 starting from the fact that the OSD logs are now stored in the device's main log folder



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