OS Deployment - There's no bootloader / It's not possible to access to the project's unattend.xml/txt

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    I have made one document for these two issues as they have the same origin: it's not possible to access to the project's unattend.xml/txt.


    A- You deploy the image normally but when the device first reboots, a black screen displays an error saying that there's no bootloader. If you look at the log in \\_YOUR_OSD_MANAGER_\_YOUR_PXETFTP_SHARE_\log\_YOUR_PROJECT_ID_ you'll see that it says that it can't find the file named with the mac address you have specified in the target list.


    This can happen on motherboards that have integrated network cards, having Intel's AMT functionnalities as an example.

    To know if that's the issue you're encountering:

    - compile your project

    - check the folder \\_YOUR_OSD_MANAGER_\_YOUR_PXETFTP_SHARE_\_YOUR_PROJECT_ID_\unattend : there should be a file named with your device's address card.

    - start the device to deploy

    - check that same folder or simply wait for the missing bootloader error message: you have the issue if the file gets renamed with the other network card's mac address


    This has been fixed in the latest 11.7 cumulative hotfix.



    B- This issue only happens if Internet Explorer 10 is installed in your wim. You deploy the image normally, the device reboots then you have the Windows' installation progress bar and at some point you get an error message saying :

    " Windows could not parse or process unattend answer file (C:\Windows\Panther\unattend.xml) for pass [specialize]. A component or setting specified in the answer file does not exist."

    To solve this, simply delete the following line in the unatend.txt/xml file attached to your target list:



    This has been fixed in the latest 11.6 cumulative hotfix.



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