[OBSOLETE] OS Deployment - How to fix drivers that are not imported correctly

Version 7

    This article is obsolete, It's a solution we used to offer to customers who had this kind of issue with FPAC 10.1 to 11.6.


    Sometimes you import your drivers in the OSD manager but they do not appear as they should. This is probably a bug that might already fixed in another version/hotfix of Footprints Asset core or a new one that should make you open a case at your support.


    There are ways to fix this quickly though, by running queries on the os deployment sqlite that you'll find in /client/data/OsDeployment/OsDeployment.sqlite or /master/data/OsDeployment/OsDeployment.sqlite, if your master is also your OSD manager.


    Warning: This will be done at your own risk.


    - You can follow this tutorial if you don't know how to edit an sqlite/sqlite3.

    - stop your OSD manager agent

    - save your OSD manager's sqlite that you'll find in /client/data/OsDeployment/OsDeployment.sqlite or /master/data/OsDeployment/OsDeployment.sqlite, if your master is also your OSD manager. Note that if can also be .sqlite3 depending on the version of the agent you're running.

    - check for the driver name in the console

    - run the following query to see what's wrong with it (don't forget to replace '_YOUR_DRIVER_NAME_' by the name of the driver you're looking for):

    Select * from Drivers where Drv_Name='_YOUR_DRIVER_NAME_'

    - execute the following queries, choosing the ones that fit your needs.



    A- The driver doesn't show up as a "Deployment Driver" although it's a NIC or SATA driver compatible with Windows 7/2008. Run these queries (do not forget the '%' at the end):

    - NIC driver:

    UPDATE Drivers SET Drv_Type='WinPENetworkDriver' WHERE Drv_Name like '_YOUR_DRIVER_NAME_%'

    - SATA driver:

    UPDATE Drivers SET Drv_Type='WinPESerialATADriver',Drv_DriverOS='7/2008R2' WHERE Drv_Name like _YOUR_DRIVER_NAME_%'



    B- The driver is only available for x86 or x64 although its .inf says it's available for both  (do not forget the '%' at the end):

    Update Drivers SET Drv_Architecture='x86/amd64' WHERE Drv_Name like '_YOUR_DRIVER_NAME_%'



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