OS Deployment - Operation: Error mounting log share.

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    One of the most common errors when running OS Deployment is "Error mounting log share". This means the OSD is not able to mount a network share to the OS Deployment Manager. If the OS Deployment gets this far then we know the device has network access because it was able to PXE boot. We need to find which piece of the process is failing and causing the error. Keep in mind, it can be more than one problem.




    In order to troubleshoot this error we need to get to a console.


    Bring up a cmd prompt with ALT+Tab



    Hit CTRL+C to kill the install script. It might take a minute or two to terminate.

    When prompted, type Y to terminate the batch job.



    Once at a command prompt we can begin troubleshooting.


    Troubleshooting Steps

    1) Determine if the device has an IP address.


    ipconfig /all


    • If the device has an IP address then we know the project has properly loaded the network driver. Skip to Step 2.
    • If the device does not have an IP address then windows was not able to obtain one, usually because the driver is not loaded. Download the network drivers from the OEM and create a new driver. You can also choose to scan a directory to grab many inf files at once.


    Select the .inf file and load it into the window. When building the driver, ensure the status is OK.


    Once the driver is setup, assign it to the project image.



    Then rebuild the project.


    Once the project is finished rebuilding, boot to the OSD again.


    2) Test the network.




    Make sure you can connect to the device with the PXETFTP share. Troubleshoot any network problems that would prevent you from connecting. Skip this step if ICMP is disabled on your network.


    3) Try to manually connect to the share.


    net use \\\PXETFTP password /user:domain\administrator


    Change the IP address to match the one OSD was trying to connect to.Use the domain\administrator that is setup in the OS Deployment project. Follow this Microsoft KB Article to troubleshoot any error codes.


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